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Let's not talk about Christmas

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Tights In The Snow


OMG, It's November already. I know, where did the summer go?

If you are like me, you love a bit of summer sun but I'm looking forward to every season. Maybe I'm too much of an optimist, but I'm 
really looking forward to the season of warm cardigans, warm 
fireplaces, Christmas parties and of course WARM and COSY TIGHTS.

Let's not talk about Christmas here yet, the big department stores are already feeding us with that Christmas spirit. However, here is something extra comforting putting those high denier or woolen tights and stockings on and knowing you're safe the moment you step foot outside.

Here's a couple of reasons why I love to wrap my legs in a thicker layer of nylon or wool.

1. It looks amazing
Don't get me wrong, like most of us, I have things I want to hide,  but knowing I can pull those summer skirts out of the wardrobe opens  up so many more possibilities when thinking about tomorrow's outfit before I go to sleep. I know you do that too. :) Adding warm tights with a skirt is not only stylish (It is still in, who knew a couple of years ago) but also super comfy.

2. They help to improve circulation
This is the case for tights in general, but it is especially important in colder months. Improved circulation not only means a healthier and warmer you but it also helps if you're running around or standing a lot.

3. Black colour makes my legs look slimmer
Do I need to add more?

We have plenty of high denier tights to choose from, have a look below and get yourself a pair to ensure you're ready for whatever the weather brings.


Gipsy 60 Denier Velvet Opaque Tights (£5.75)



Gipsy 100 Denier Luxury Tights (£6.50)



Gipsy 300 Denier Tights (£8.50)



Levante Suede Matte Opaque Stockings (£7.00)



Levante Plain Wool Stockings (£10.99)



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