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Donít sweat the stewardess Ė the life of a flight attendant

Friday, 17 August 2018

Everything you alway wanted to ask a flight attendant


Paula is a flight attendant, Instagram star, influencer, successful blogger and a pretty cool girl to be around. We’ve taken a rare opportunity to catch her on the ground and asked her few questions about her glam life & of course the hosiery.

SD: Why did you decide to become a flight attendant?

Paula: For nine years, I’d worked a busy corporate job as a Marketing Manager in the fashion industry. I loved the hustle, but I was burning myself  and during a trip to the USA, I decided that it was time for a change. I fell in love with travel and wanted a job that would take me places! So I set my sights on the sky  and  landed a job as a Flight Attendant. Five years on it’s become a lifestyle change that I love and I can honestly say I’ve never looked back!


SD: You are living a dream of a lot of girls out there but is it all rainbows and puppies as you show us on your Instagram Don't Sweat The Stewardess?

Paula: Some days it really is! My job has taken me to some amazing places and I have met some truly incredible people. My year working as an International Flight Attendant in Bali was without a doubt the best year of my life!

However, working as Flight Attendant is not always as glamorous as it looks.  There are so many challenges including rude passengers, delayed flights, exhausting hours and the pressure to always look fabulous (even when you have been on your feet for the past 12 hours!)


SD: You have a pretty amazing blog answering a lot of questions we all want to ask such as: How do you all look so amazing at all times? or How can you manage relationships whilst being constantly 37,000 feet above the sea level? What made you start the blog?

Paula: Maintaining a sense of health and well-being whilst flying for work is definitely challenging! At first I felt lethargic all of the time because my diet wasn’t the best and I wasn’t exercising. So I joined a gym and starting focusing on nourishing my body to get the best out of it! I drink lots of water and catch up on sleep whenever I can.

However, maintaining relationships is much harder! I miss my family a lot as I am now based interstate and majority of my friends are flight attendants since it can be hard to catch up with people who work a regular 9 to 5 .

I work late nights and most weekends, which also makes it really difficult to date! I started my blog, Don’t Sweat the Stewardess, as I wanted to share my story with other women who are also struggling with this. It can be challenging sometimes to go against the norms of society and chase your career instead of getting married and starting a family (which I do hope to do someday! ) But until I stumble upon my soulmate, I’ll happily continue to travel solo!


SD: I imagine the passengers ask you a lot of questions. What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked?

Paula: A passenger once asked me if I could open the windows on the plane to let in some fresh air. (To be fair, we were on the ground. But I wasn’t quite sure what to say!)  Ummmm….. NO!


SD: My favourite part of flying is landing because I can really enjoy the view from my window. What is yours?

Paula: OMG me too! As a passenger, I still love the view from the window seat! To be honest, though, the view from my crew seat is not that great; mostly, I’m just looking at my door, mentally taking note of how to open it if we had to evacuate. But I can sometimes get a glimpse of the city lights as we are coming in for landing. I do try to take a moment to enjoy the view whenever I can though!

The pilots are so lucky as they have the most amazing view of all and it certainly reminds you how surreal it is to be skyhigh when you enter the cockpit! Whether it be when I catch a glimpse of the sunset during the inflight service, or when I’m entering the flight deck, they are times when I really do think I have the best job in the world.


SD: The 5 key things I always make sure I take on board with me are passport, wallet, phone, headphones and a book. I imagine this is very different for you, what are they?


  1. Perfume, Moisturiser and Make Up.  Flight Attendants are expected to look fabulous, so we always need to touch up before we touch down!
  2. A spare pair of Tights  (Just in case I get a ladder!)
  3. Food. Flight Attendants always have food in their bag! After years of working on a plane you get sick of eating plane food so I always bring my own.
  4. A Phone Charger. We don’t have power outlets on the aircraft I work on, but this is the one thing you absolutely need on an overnight or if you are stuck in the terminal because your flight is delayed!
  5. A Bikini!  I always have a bikini in my bag, as you never know where you might end up! 


SD: I imagine, you must get through a lot of legwear yourself, how many pairs do you think you go through every month?

Paula: I’m always so careful to try and avoid getting a ladder! But it’s such a struggle, since they are so many things to snag your stockings on when you work on a plane. Usually one pair of tights will only last me a couple of shifts, so normally I need to buy at least 5-10 pairs a month, depending on how many flights I have!


SD: What are the key attributes you’re looking for when you’re buying your tights?

Paula: Airlines have a lot of rules and each airline has different runway guidelines. Personally, I prefer stay-up stockings, but we are not allowed to wear them! I like tights which feel silky and give the legs a nice sheen, so I’ll always look for a sheer gloss finish and the colour is so important!

We are required to wear a skin tone, so finding the perfect dark bronze is my ultimate goal since I like to look tanned. I’m always happy to pay a little more for a good quality pair of tights which are comfortable to wear, as it adds a little bit of luxury to a long day on my feet!


SD: You have decided to help us out to spread the word about our Aviation Rewards Program where we help women in aviation by allowing them to save money on the legwear they need as part of their uniform. Why do you think this is important?

Paula: Buying tights on a regular basis can get super expensive (and personally I’d rather spend my hard earned cash on a trip to The Bahamas!)

For Women in Aviation this is an ongoing expense. So I’ve partnered with Stockings Direct as an ambassador for the Aviation Rewards Program to offer Women in Aviation a discount. By signing up for the rewards program, you can also earn loyalty points and ultimately this means you have the potential to earn free products!

SD: Thank you for spending your rare spare time to answer our questions Paula. We wish you lots and lots of successful miles up there in the air and keep us informed on your travels either through your Instagram, Facebook or your awesome blog.


Do you work for an airline and would like to join our Stockings Direct Aviation Rewards Program?







Wear or not to wear - hosiery in the workplace

Monday, 16 July 2018

City Skyline


There is always a little bit of a dispute when it comes to tights in the workplace. Yes, in some professions, we are required to wear tights on a daily basis. But it is difficult to navigate the world of work attire especially if you're new to the industry.

So what are the golden rules for wearing tights in the workplace?

1. Required? Wear it.
Yes, some professions require us to wear hosiery. If you are a nurse, flight attendand, working in hospitality or politics, the chances are you will just have to swallow the fact that you'll need to stock up on some hosiery yourself.

2. Want to look smart?
Even today, legs in nylon are considered to be more smart than bare legs. If you work at a managerial level and wearing a skirt, plain looking hosiery is preferred. We wouldn't go crazy with colours. The rule of thumb here is to ensure that the tone of your tights will be either Nude, Natural Tan or Black tones including Barely/Vaguely Black. Focus on quality rather than style here as you want to make sure your legwear will last through all of those meetings and presentations.

3. Going for an interview?
Yes, wear tights.

4.Is it too hot to wear hosiery?
It might seem like hosiery is something you wear in winter but we want to challenge that. The hosiery manufacturers are very aware of nylon's limitations in warmer months and that is why they focus on producing ultra thin materials that are perfect for holiday months. It is advised to switch to hold ups or stockings as this will be a great change for your legs and we guarantee your legs will feel fresh and ready to go.

To make it even easier, we have put together a combination of smart plain hosiery that could be worn with any smart outfit.








Give bodystockings a chance

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

We love bodystockings. They are the most clever outfits out there both becuase of their delicate details and cutting but also because they make you look incredibly sexy.

Perfect for any occasion, both underneath your clothes or as a standalone item.

Now, we have voted in our offices and created a chart of our favourite 5. We have added some comments from our staff with the reasons why they love it.


Leg Avenue Criss Cross Front Faux Suspender Bodystocking

Leg Avenue Criss Cross Front Faux Suspender Bodystocking

Hayley: "I like this one a lot. I love the details, mock stockings and suspender belt as well as the bra. "
Lauren: "This one is definitely a piece for a very confident girl but looks stunning once you put it on."


Trasparenze Edwige Bodystocking

Lauren: "Trasparenze never disappoints. The Italians just know how to produce a beautiful hosiery. Loving the combination of fishnet and a mesh."
Matt: "Have you noticed you can see her back in the mirror?"


Leg Avenue Spaghetti Strap Opaque Bodystocking

Leg Avenue Spaghetti Strap Opaque Bodystocking

Hayley: "Nice and opaque leaving so much for imagination. I can see this being worn quite often as it's not sheer and therefore super versatile."
Lauren: "I'd go for something with more detail as this is a bit too plain for me but it looks like it will accentuate all the great parts of the female body so you'll definitely feel very sexy in this piece."


Leg Avenue Twisted Strap Bodystocking

Leg Avenue Twisted Strap Bodystocking

Matt: "This is definitely my favourite. How much is it? I'm going to buy that for my girlfriend I think."
Lauren: "Yes, this is exactly something I would buy if I saw it online. Look at the neck. I think I'd look stunning in that (**laughs**)."


Leg Avenue Sheer Long Sleeved Bodystocking

Leg Avenue Sheer Long Sleeved Bodystocking

Hayley: "I know you're not going to agree but this is definitely my favourite. I just think bodystockings should help your body look sexy and this one is perfect for that purpose. No lace, no drama just you and the nylon."
Lauren: "I happen to know this is one of our best selling bodystockings so our customers agree with Hayley."

Special Mention:

Leg Avenue Swiss Dot Teddy

Leg Avenue Swiss Dot Teddy

Matt: "Can I change my favourite to this one?"
Hayley: "Teddies are so in right now and it's easy to see why. This is actually very pretty."


Order now before they're gone


Fully fashioned vs. Seamed stockings

Tuesday, 29 August 2017  |  Hayley


This article could also be called A Brief History of a Seam.

So what is the difference?

Well, not much difference when you look at them, but quite a lot of difference when you look closely at their production.

Fully fashioned stockings are produced on the original flat bed machines where the stocking is knitted flat at sewn together at the back. Only a handful of these are still in the production these days. The process ensures that the signature seam is an integral part of this fashionable item as opposed to the 'newer' seamed stockings on hold ups where the mock seam is added afterwards.

Another feature adding that extra vintage look is the range of heel designs produced. Stockings in our range come in a traditional French (point) or Cuban heel. Have a look here.

Fully fashioned stockings usually come in 15 denier and are 100% nylon yarn with no added spandex which means that there is no stretch. This also means that it is very important to choose the right size but fortunately for us, they come in a range of sizes and there is a very subtle difference between them which ensures you can choose your perfect fit.

This beautiful piece of hosiery has another feature that makes it not just super sexy but also super comfortable to wear. There is a finishing hole (loop) which is always left in the middle of the seam, at the back of the top welt, which allow the stocking to fit better on the thigh.

The real fully fashioned stockings are now becoming extremely rare. Wearing them makes you wear a piece of history, a piece clothing that remains fashionable 70 years after it has been introduced. We absolutely love them for their elegant and sexy look and top quality material.

If you want to wear a piece of history check them out now. If the price a little steep for you, why not try one of the seamed stockings or hold ups to see how you feel in them and give yourself a nice present of the real ones next time.



Order now before they're gone



Brief History of Nylon

Monday, 21 August 2017  |  Hayley


Girl in Nylons

Firstly, what is Nylon? By definition Nylon is a polyamide yarn. With basic ingredients originating from the petro chemical industry, it is man-made fibre. It is bright, but it can be given an appearance that is dull or semi-dull. It can also be produced to give different texture and appearance.

A popular story is that the word Nylon or NYLon is a combination of the words New York and London. Great party fact and we all want to believe it but sadly, this is not true.

he first mention of Nylon dates back to 1935 and a company called DuPont. A chemist working for DuPont named Wallace Carothers has developed the material for the use in toothbrush production but very soon after the public realised its full potential. And as it often happens, people have created the demand for material that was originally invented for a completely different purpose.

Nylon found its way into the fashion industry very quickly but its other uses include tyres, carpets and parachutes.

The name for the material went through a couple of alterations. The orginal name was No-Run but later was letter by letter changed to Nylon.

Take a look at what we have to offer in our tights range and be a part of the tradition.


Wide range available in stock




Powermesh vs. Lace

Wednesday, 16 August 2017  |  Hayley

Suspender Belts


That's the question we get asked everyday! Which one's better? It really depends on the personal preference, but we've tried to highlight the main reasons to go for each of the styles.

Here we go:


In the old days, lace used to be a luxury. Today, they are made either by hand or on the thread machines. It has got a lot of history behind it and many traditional national clothes all around the world feature it in different ways.

Here in our office, we can't decide. The lace supporters claim that lace has much more 'edge' to it, it is prettier and gives a sexy garment such as suspender belt an even sexier look. Lace is also a little bit stretchier and will allow you a little weight on top of your original size.

Lace goes really well with any type of stocking, both lace top and plain. It is a fabric piece of jewellery that looks great, lasts and is ideal for both everyday wear and those special moments.



The other pro-powermesh movement in our office claim that powermesh is a secret weapon that every woman should have loaded in her drawer.

Powermesh is usually designed to control and smooth the figure. Its breathable characteristics ensure the garment is super comfortable even during warmer days and its control will make you stay confident throughout the day.

There are opinions that it also looks much better than lace because of its slick design and it definitely doesn't lack sexiness c

Wide range available in stock



ompared to the lace.

Now which one is your favourite? Can't decide, how about you try one of our suspender belts?


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