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Brief History of Nylon

Monday, 21 August 2017  |  Hayley


Girl in Nylons

Firstly, what is Nylon? By definition Nylon is a polyamide yarn. With basic ingredients originating from the petro chemical industry, it is man-made fibre. It is bright, but it can be given an appearance that is dull or semi-dull. It can also be produced to give different texture and appearance.

A popular story is that the word Nylon or NYLon is a combination of the words New York and London. Great party fact and we all want to believe it but sadly, this is not true.

he first mention of Nylon dates back to 1935 and a company called DuPont. A chemist working for DuPont named Wallace Carothers has developed the material for the use in toothbrush production but very soon after the public realised its full potential. And as it often happens, people have created the demand for material that was originally invented for a completely different purpose.

Nylon found its way into the fashion industry very quickly but its other uses include tyres, carpets and parachutes.

The name for the material went through a couple of alterations. The orginal name was No-Run but later was letter by letter changed to Nylon.

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