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Powermesh vs. Lace

Wednesday, 16 August 2017  |  Hayley

Suspender Belts


That's the question we get asked everyday! Which one's better? It really depends on the personal preference, but we've tried to highlight the main reasons to go for each of the styles.

Here we go:


In the old days, lace used to be a luxury. Today, they are made either by hand or on the thread machines. It has got a lot of history behind it and many traditional national clothes all around the world feature it in different ways.

Here in our office, we can't decide. The lace supporters claim that lace has much more 'edge' to it, it is prettier and gives a sexy garment such as suspender belt an even sexier look. Lace is also a little bit stretchier and will allow you a little weight on top of your original size.

Lace goes really well with any type of stocking, both lace top and plain. It is a fabric piece of jewellery that looks great, lasts and is ideal for both everyday wear and those special moments.



The other pro-powermesh movement in our office claim that powermesh is a secret weapon that every woman should have loaded in her drawer.

Powermesh is usually designed to control and smooth the figure. Its breathable characteristics ensure the garment is super comfortable even during warmer days and its control will make you stay confident throughout the day.

There are opinions that it also looks much better than lace because of its slick design and it definitely doesn't lack sexiness c

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ompared to the lace.

Now which one is your favourite? Can't decide, how about you try one of our suspender belts?

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